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Our Product Support team is here to help with any technical queries you may have. Any Culture Amp user can reach out to our team via for assistance.

Common Support Requests from users

Having technical issues completing the survey?

Not good to hear! One of our aims is to have a smooth survey experience, but issues do occur. We find in most cases the issues relate to a specific browser setup or Internet configuration.

If you can, try the survey in another browser. That can circumvent any issues on the spot and get your survey done as quickly as possible. Culture Amp surveys work great on mobile devices such as iPhones, so you can try on your smartphone or tablet. If that's not possible, or you're still having issues, email the Product Support team.

To speed up the process, it helps to know your browser setup. If you visit About My Browser you will be given a link that contains the technical details of your browser. If you include that in your support request we'll be able to narrow down any issues much quicker. In your request, pass on some basic details on how you're accessing the survey and the issue you're encountering. We'll try to get you up and running as soon as we can.

I'm concerned about the confidentiality of survey.

We take confidentiality seriously. Part of our role as a Third Party is to provide this confidentiality. Our system has been built from the ground-up with confidentiality in mind. This is from the survey experience right through to reporting and how we store your data.

The specifics of confidentiality will depend on the survey you are completing. Any email communications you receive should contain information on the confidentiality of your responses. If not, contact your HR representative. Part of our role is to give confidence. If at any time you have any other concerns, drop us a line and we'll be happy to discuss further.

I’m missing my invitation.

You can find out a little more about invitations in our article, getting invited. The most common issue is email invitations ending up in a spam folder. Try checking your spam folder to see if your invitation ended up there.

Your invite will have come from the address "". There is also the chance that you are not included in the survey. Very recent joiners are usually skipped for some survey types. If this is the case, don’t worry, you will be included in any future surveys automatically.

If you still cannot find your invitation, contact your survey or HR representative, or drop us a line at

I'd like to give some feedback on my experience?

At the completion of your survey we ask for an (optional) rating and your feedback. So if you're completing a survey you will have an opportunity there. Otherwise, email support anytime. We're always keen to get direct feedback from people who use our platform.

Support for Account Admins

We also offer an in-platform Live Chat messenger for Account Administrators to connect directly with one of our Product Support team members. 

Simply select the Help icon on the top-right to reach support in the Help Panel to speak with a Support representative in realtime. 



The Help Center panel displays these options:
  • Take on-demand training- Where you can enrol and take part in our range of training sessions.
  • Visit the Support Guide- Where you can read how-to articles to help you use our products.
  • Visit Culture Amp community 'People Geeks'- Where you can connect with our community of People Geeks. In the forum, you can discuss Organizational Design, Leadership, and the future of work.
  • Visit Culture Amp's blog- where you can view articles for HR professionals and people leaders



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