Guide to communicating about an upcoming survey

Before you launch your survey, it's important to communicate the "what, why, and when" to let people know they should look out for a survey from Culture Amp - and to get them comfortable with providing feedback. The most common way to is to send an email a few days before the survey launches. As part of that email or as a separate communication, many also find it useful to include a list of FAQs for employees and managers. Last but not least, it is popular to discuss the upcoming survey at an all-hands meeting.

Pre communicating details about the survey allows you to solicit questions or concerns and leads to a higher participation rate. 

Here is a template that we suggest you use as a potential starting point - Pre Survey Communications. You should tailor this message to fit your company's voice, just make sure to include:

  • What an engagement survey is
  • Why you're running it at your company
  • What you're trying to achieve
  • How feedback will be collected and reported
  • Who is eligible to participate, and
  • What to expect next


If you're interested in hearing best practices and some of the creative ways we've seen customers communicate their survey, check out Promoting your survey

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