Onboard survey email invitation and reminder communications

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Information and examples of Onboarding email and reminder invitations that are sent for this survey type

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators


Participants can be invited to surveys in a number of ways, depending on the survey type and the survey implementation. Learn more about survey invitations here

Email Invitation 

The email invitation from Culture Amp is managed using an employee list containing email addresses. When the survey is launched, eligible employees will receive an email with instructions containing a link to the survey. This is a unique link to ensure that each participant is represented correctly and with a single response.

Most surveys will remain open over several weeks and participants will receive reminders if they’ve not completed the survey. 

We have created recommended emails and reminders for all communications, Exampled below are the Survey Invitation and Survey Reminder emails. Keep in mind, you can edit and customize all communications in the Communications tab of your survey.

Survey Invitation - Preview


Survey Reminder - Preview



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