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How to close the survey

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The date and time for closing a survey can be configured on the Launch Plan page. There are two types of survey close date/time:

  1. Communicated Closure -  is displayed in the survey invite and reminder emails, but is not followed by the system.
  2. Close Survey - the real date and time that the system uses to close the survey.

NOTE: The survey's Communicated Closure date and time can be entered at any time so that it appears in the survey invite email and reminder emails. However, the actual Close Survey date and time can only be scheduled when the first reminder and final reminder dates have been scheduled, have passed, or have been skipped.

If you do not enter a Communicated Closure date and time, your emails will show the due date for the survey as NOT SPECIFIED. 

Entering a close date/time for communication

  1. Click the Configure link for a specific survey on your Surveys page
  2. Click the Launch Plan tab
  3. Select whether you'd like to communicate an earlier closure date and select how many days before the hard closure this should be
  4. Change the time for the survey to be communicated as closed if required

Scheduling the survey close

  1. Click the Configure link for a specific survey on your Surveys page
  2. Click the Launch Plan tab
  3. In the Close Survey section, select a date using the calendar pop-up
  4. Change the time for the survey to be closed (the last option, 11:45 pm is recommended)
  5. Click Schedule button


It is also possible to display the survey close time and survey close timezone in the survey emails using the Communications feature and variables. This is useful if you have people in different timezones, and they're not sure when the survey closes. The system uses the timezone set for your account.  

From the Communications page, click into the survey invitation, click 'edit email', then 'insert variable'.

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