View survey participants using Export participants feature

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How to view survey participants using the export participants feature

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators


Account Administrators, Survey Administrators, and Survey Creators can now view the status of their survey invitations - i.e., Invited, Pending invitation or Exited - using the Export Participants feature on the Participants Page.

This feature makes it easier to manage survey invitations and send invitations in batches throughout the survey administration process.

Steps on how to view Participant Invitation Status:

  1. Click Participants link on the left navigation pane
  2. Click Export participants on the upper right hand corner
    NOTE: If Kiosk Mode is enabled on the survey, the Export participants button will read as Export kiosk codes. This will operate in the same fashion as Export participantsScreen_Shot_2022-03-18_at_9.18.56_AM.png
  3. Use the dropdown to select how you would like to view Participant Invitation Status, commonly by Manager and Department

  4.  Click Export participants 

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