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What can I learn from this page? How to prepare the template to bulk assign viewers to your survey reports 
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Culture Amp are able to help with the uploading of report sharing permissions if you have a large amount of viewers and reports owners. This reduces the manual work involved with assigning viewers and report owners directly in the platform.

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Preparation of your file

Once you have created the reports in the survey that you'd like to add viewers to, reach out to Culture Amp Product Support and request the "report sharing permissions file" for your survey. This is a template specific to the current report sharing state of your survey.

Your template will look similar to the below if you do not have any viewers assigned to reports. Notice that the email field is empty in the example below:


OR it will look like the below if you have already added viewers to some reports and you would like to bulk assign viewers to more:


Adding report viewing permissions

Within the spreadsheet, add the email addresses of your users in Column A*. If you have more than one viewer you will need to duplicate the existing report line for each viewer you would like to assign. See the example below:


NOTE: We do not recommend assigning report viewers to "Unreportable" reports (see column D "report_status" in your file). "Unreportable" means the reporting group will never meet the reporting group minimum that has been set for your survey. In other words, the number of participants assigned to that group is less than the reporting group minimum. Regardless of how many participants submit a response, it will never become a reportable group. 

We also recommend caution with report status "Not yet reportable" (draft & live surveys) and "Insufficient Responses" (closed surveys).
"Not yet reportable" may show in the file for a draft or live survey and indicates that the number of people who have submitted a response to the survey so far is less than the reporting group minimum. This may or may not become a reportable group depending on whether the reporting group minimum is met prior to survey closure. 

"Insufficient Responses" may show in the file for a closed survey and indicates that the number of people who have submitted a response is less than the reporting group minimum, therefore not a reportable group.

Adding Report Owners

Once you have added your report viewers to your template,  assign a "yes" value in Column E for permissions where the user is a Report Owner and place a "no" value for permissions where the user is not a Report Owner. You can only have one Report Owner per report.

Find out more information about the difference between these two permissions here: Create and share reports 

Uploading your file

Customers do not have the ability to upload their own file once this has been filled out. Once you have filled out the template, contact Culture Amp Product Support with the file so that we can upload this for you.

If there are any errors in your file the Support team will provide you with an Error Report, detailing the permissions that failed and the cause. 

NOTE: Any uploads that we complete are additive only. We also cannot bulk remove permissions that may have been incorrectly assigned. To remove viewers from reports, it needs to be done manually from the share reports page of your survey. 


  • email column: Add the viewer's email address in column A. Email must belong to an active user profile in the platform
  • Not adding viewers to a particular report? Leave column A blank 
  • More than 1 viewer for the same report? Duplicate the line and add the 2nd email address in the 2nd row of column A (do not put more than 1 email address in each cell)
  • report_name column: do not edit or add anything to this column (unless duplicating an existing report). The report names need to identically match the names of the reports in the platform. For example, if there is an extra space or a rogue dot '.' in the file that doesn't exist in the platform, the report will not be recognised when we upload the file. 
  • demographic_value column: do not edit or add anything to this column (unless duplicating an existing report)
  • report_status column: do not edit or add anything to this column (unless duplicating an existing report)
  • report_owner column: The field is mandatory, please fill it out with either "yes" or "no"

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