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2019 Culture Amp Updates and New Releases
2019 Culture Amp Updates and New Releases

Information on our product updates and new releases through the year 2019

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A running list of Product Updates through 2019

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Below we are highlighting the latest updates for Culture Amp Engagement and Experience, Effectiveness and Performance. NOTE: For our most up to date Product Updates, please see 2022 Culture Amp updates and new releases


Employee Hierarchies

Introducing our new Employee Hierarchy feature. If you are using our Performance product, you can now activate additional validation of your employee data files to make sure every employee has a valid manager.

This new feature gives you confidence that your employee data file contains a valid employee hierarchy to support your performance feedback process.

Fourth Integration

Introducing our new integration with Fourth Hospitality Management System. Culture Amp has partnered with Fourth to enable shared customers to invite their employees to participate in engagement and experience surveys from within the Fourth platform.

Invited employees will be sent a push notification to their mobile device to let them know that they have received a survey Task. From the Fourth app, employees are able to click on the survey invite link in the Task. This link will direct them seamlessly to Culture Amp

Capture page to be able to respond to the survey without needing to go to their email.

New Survey Creator permission level

You can now assign to your HRBPs (and potentially managers) a new admin role of Survey Creator. It is a perfect role for somebody who should create AND manage surveys without the other superpowers of an account administrator (such as updating employee data and seeing the results of all surveys for an account).

This way you can share admin workload, enable others to drive feedback loops within their respective sections of the organization and at the same time protect sensitive information by giving the right level of access to everyone.

Introducing the new Account Dashboard

The Account Dashboard is the place to go to get a big picture overview of culture across your company. It contains a snapshot of things like Engagement, Engagement Related Turnover, Manager Effectiveness and Diversity and Inclusion or any other factors you choose to survey for.

By default, all account administrator users will see the dashboard as their homepage. These admin users are able to easily share the dashboard with anyone who has access to Culture Amp, without having to make them an admin. We recommend sharing the dashboard with leaders who are involved with people and culture across your company, such as senior managers and executives.

It’s your company’s dashboard; as an admin user, you’ll be able to configure which insights to display, which factors to use, prevent certain demographics from displaying, toggle certain modules on or off, or even turn the dashboard off entirely.

Engagement + Experience

Introducing Emerging Themes for Comments

The ability to surface unique themes specific to your company within the comments report is coming to your surveys very soon. Using machine learning we have developed an algorithm that identifies common / related words. We then group or clusters them together to form an Emerging theme.

Different to our Topic analysis where a survey's comments are tagged with 1 or 2 of our 18 predetermined Topics, our Emerging Themes feature finds Themes that are unique to your business or comment set. Eg; if the business just moved offices and people have commented about the move, our new Emerging Themes algorithm would pick up on this and return a cluster of comments around this theme.

eNPS calculations enabled in reporting

We have enabled eNPS reporting on Culture Amp. eNPS is a methodology using the Net Promoter Score approach typically used for customer research, but applied to employees. It gives you a different methodology to report on the amount of people in your organization that would recommend your organisation as a great place to work.

See: eNPS

Survey Summary Checklist

Introducing the new survey summary, we have made it easier to review all survey configuration settings so you can be confident that everything is right before launch.

With a new comprehensive checklist, the survey summary gives you access to information about participants, questions, demographics and reports settings to name a few. This page is your new guiding point before launching an Engagement survey, offering a clear and easy way to review all critical information and highlighting areas that need your attention.

Change / Merger and Acquisition Survey Templates

Organizational change is defined as the process of changing the working methods, equipment, strategy, or culture, and it is during these changes that understanding how your people are tracking is critical if you want the change to be successful.

The Culture Amp Change Surveys are optimized for a wide range of organizational changes. They can be run across an entire organization, a single business unit or division, or a subset of teams and departments, depending on where the change is taking place. The feedback helps organizations understand the views of their people during various stages of any change process.

2019 Onboarding and Exit survey benchmarks now available

Understanding the experience of your employees as they join and leave your organisation are important milestones. Understanding the impact they have on the employee journey is important to ensure you are ensuring that employees are having the most positive experience possible in your organisation.

As customers run surveys at these important milestones, we can now provide customers with external comparison data in the form of benchmarks for both Exit surveys and Onboarding surveys.

2019 Benchmarks Available

2019 Employee Engagement benchmarks have been generated and are now available for all customers to be loaded into their surveys as comparisons.

This year, we've generated 23 new benchmarks across geographies (e.g., Germany) and industries (e.g., Marketing and Advertising) to make it easier for customers to compare themselves to similar organizations to themselves.

Every year we review our benchmark offerings to ensure we're providing the most relevant comparisons we can from our increasingly broad customer base.

Function Benchmarks Available

The ability to give our customers context on how they are performing is incredibly important at Culture Amp. With context, customers are able to learn how they're performing relative to similar companies and geographies.

We have published our 2019 Function benchmarks, which give customers external context scores for their different job functions (E.g., Sales, Marketing, etc.). Using the latest in machine learning techniques, we’ve we’ve evolved our Function algorithms to include three new job functions: Domain expertise, Design & Creative and Leadership.

These Function benchmarks help our customers to get a more detailed understanding of their workforce; which groups of their employees are strong/below-average in which areas. For example, your Sales people may be above-average engaged but have low scores on Leadership & L&D.

Customers can self-manage their own comparisons and benchmarks

Comparisons are an important part of interpreting your Culture Amp Results. Culture Amp has two kinds of comparisons available for customers; internal and external comparisons.

Customers now don't have to contact Culture Amp support to add an external benchmark or internal comparison. Customers are now empowered to manage their own comparisons, by adding, removing and reordering the comparisons for their surveys.

This new feature is available to customers on the Comparisons menu item of their survey configuration. With comparisons loaded, the following will be available to them.

Customers are now able to edit the label for the 'Company Overall' comparison option shown in reporting. This lets customers give it a name that is relevant to their organizational context.

Save Comments To Return To Later

We are rolling out some improvements to Comments reports, including a new feature that allows users to save interesting comments to return to later.

The improved comments report organises comments into question groups, making it easier to read through them, and adds a 'save' button to each comment. There is a new 'saved comments' tab in the report that gives you quick access to review those comments later.

Each user has their own list of saved comments – other users will not know which comments you've saved.

Demographic Branching

Introducing Demographic branching in Engagement Surveys: you can now apply rules to questions so they are displayed only to specific survey participants depending on their employee attributes.

Branching logic facilitates creating a better survey experience for employees by only showing questions that are relevant to them.For example, asking the Recruiting team a question about their new office.

Answer-based Branching

Introducing Answer-based branching in Engagement Surveys: you can now apply branching rules to questions in engagement surveys in order to guide participants toward a distinct set of questions based on their answer to a single question.

Branching logic gives people a more personalised survey experience by directing their attention to questions that are relevant to them, and skipping over questions that are not.

This feature is especially useful for learning and engagement leaders, who are looking to accomplish two things in the same survey, for example getting feedback on engagement from the overall organization while also getting feedback on a recent training session only from those who attended the training.

Demographic Piping

Introducing Demographic piping in Engagement, Effectiveness and Experience surveys. You can now display employees' demographic values in questions and section descriptions using demographic piping.

Piping helps you craft a question set that adapts to the needs and demographics of individual survey participants. These questions will be specific enough so that employees have the right context to answer and provide feedback that is meaningful to their personal experience.

For example, by piping the Manager’s name into a question, you can now make questions clear and digestible for employees, even when they have multiple managers, and therefore be more confident in your results.

New Summary Report Sharing Option

We have enabled summary only report sharing. Survey administrators can now share a summary manager report without a full report attached.

We understand that not every organization is ready to share the standard Culture Amp report with managers. This is why we have designed a much simpler summary report. Rather than overwhelming managers with a sea of data, we’ve condensed this report down to what really matters. The report displays the overall engagement score along with three strengths and three opportunities. Our algorithm filters through a group’s feedback and identifies the strengths and opportunities that have the largest impact on engagement.

Export participant lists

When sharing your reports, you can now choose to export to CSV the list of participants for specific reports.

This way you can check that the results in different reports accurately represent the right people in your each team. You can now download this CSV file, and either validate the data yourself, or share different sheets out with managers to validate they contain the right participants before you share their report with them.

New Action Due Dates and Reminders

When creating an action you can now add an optional due date. This date will appear on the action so that you can easily see which actions are in progress, overdue and complete. Three days before the due date you will receive an email or slack notification letting you know that your action due date is approaching. From there, you can either mark the action as complete, request feedback or push back the due date.

Action Plans Page has been updated

The Action plans page has been updated. Users can now easily see all of the actions they have created along with actions created by others. With the new due dates feature, you can also see which actions are approaching their due date or are overdue.

Updates to the "Heatmap" and "Custom" Reports

We have rolled out some improvements to the "Heatmap" and "Custom" reports within Engagement reporting.

The major changes include:

  • The "Custom" navigation option has been deprecated and the “Heatmap” and "Custom" reports have been consolidated into the one location

  • In addition to comparing demographic results to the overall or filtered results, we have introduced the option of comparing demographic results to external comparisons loaded onto the survey.

Introducing new Slack notifications when sharing report

We added a new notification to Slack to let your employees know when a report is shared with them.

If your organisation uses Slack, this is a great feature for you. Culture Amp Slack bot, Neko, makes it easier than ever to reach to your employees, it sends out invitations to collect feedback and view reports when they're shared.

This notification is sent in addition to email to improve the chances of reaching your employees.

Introducing Multi-Lingual Support for Comments

Our first release of this feature offers translation of comments from their original language to English using an automated 3rd party translation service (Google Translate).

At the time of publication, Google translates in over 100 languages. Any comments written in any of these languages will be able to be translated into English.

This means not only can you now read all comments in English but our three Text analytics features (topic analysis, sentiment analysis & emerging themes) will now work across all English comments.


Improvements in 360 communications

We're excited to announce a bunch of new enhancements in 360 communications in the last few months.

When an employee has been asked to give feedback to several people at once, they will now receive one email with a list of all the people who have requested feedback.

Previously, they would have received separate emails for each person. This also goes for coaches who are coaching multiple employees.

Specifically, the emails and reminders that are bundled are Invite Reviewer, Reviewer Reminder, Coach Invitations, and Coach Feedback Due Date Passed.

See: Individual Effectiveness Communications (or similar article for the 360 survey configuration that you plan to use).

You can now Bulk create 360s yourself

At Culture Amp, we want to ensure that you can use our platform more easily, while cutting down the time you spend on administrating surveys. That's why we've made launching 360s simpler.

You can now bulk create 360s for multiple employees and managers yourself, without the need to contact support.


Draft State for Self-reflection Cycles

When creating a self-reflection cycle, feel free to go at your own pace. Save, exit and return to where you left off at any time.

Introducing Team Goals for Performance

The ability to create and manage both teams and team goals is now available to Early Access Program participants in Culture Amp Performance. Team goals is a new, more flexible goal type intended to support non-hierarchical teams in managing progress towards shared goals.

In support of team goals, individuals are now able to create ad hoc, cross-functional teams made up of both team leads and members within Culture Amp Performance. Once created, teams can easily collaborate on shared work by creating, aligning and commenting on team goals.

Ultimately, team goals provide additional flexibility within the Culture Amp Performance goals module to better support the needs of agile, matrixed organizations.

See: Teams and Team Goals

Slack Notifications within Performance

Introducing Slack Notifications for Performance. In addition to Engagement and Effectiveness surveys, there is now support for a range of Performance notifications to be delivered to users via Slack.

Based on specific actions taken within Evaluations, Manager-Requested Feedback, and Self-Reflections modules, notifications will be sent to users via Slack.

Help when you need it in Culture Amp Performance

At Culture Amp we want you to get the most from our platform. Today, we have made it easier to get help when you need it. You can now access live chat in Culture Amp Performance!

Slack Notifications within Performance

Introducing Slack Notifications for Performance. In addition to Engagement and Effectiveness surveys, there is now support for a range of Performance notifications to be delivered to users via Slack.

Public Praise Available in Performance

Positive feedback is an important part of any healthy and active feedback culture. Public Praise is a publicly-facing opportunity to provide that feedback, while also capturing it for easy reference during a subsequent performance cycle.

You can now celebrate colleagues, thank teammates for a job well done and share public kudos in Culture Amp from either the Praise Wall or the existing Quick Comment page.

💬 Have any questions? Just reply with “Ask a Person” in a Support Conversation to speak directly with a Product Support Specialist.

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