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Employee Engagement Product Updates 2023
Employee Engagement Product Updates 2023

A running list of Employee Engagement Product Updates through 2023

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A running list of Employee Engagement Product Updates through 2023

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21 Dec 2023 - Grant Access to the Retention Insights Dashboard

Retention Insights has an updated feature that lets Account Admin Users grant access to the Retention Insights dashboard to another user on your account. Learn more.

1 Dec 2023 - Account Dashboard has been deprecated

We’ve been hard at work developing our new People Analytics offering, starting with Retention Insights. This exciting new functionality has replaced the Account Dashboard, which has now been sunsetted. Learn more about Retention Insights here.

30 Nov 2023 - AI comment summaries - EAP release

AI comment summaries provide a quick and succinct overview of your participant’s comments appearing alongside your report results for any Engagement survey. AI comment summaries is our first Gen AI feature, made possible by our partnership with Google Vertex. This feature is planned for General Access (GA) release early 2024. Learn more.

15 Nov 2023 - Retention Insights is now in General Availability

Retention is one of the toughest challenges HR teams currently face. So we’ve built Retention Insights to help you stop the turnover of your most valued people before it’s too late! With predictive insights into the most important factors motivating key groups to stay or leave, you can identify and address issues before they become persistent problems.

Retention Insights is available at no additional cost for all Engage and Full Platform customers Learn more

18 Oct 2023 - Survey Question Import

Admins can now import survey questions from an Excel file. No more manual copy-pasting, saving time and effort! Learn more

18 Oct 2023 - Bulk remove report viewers

We have added the ability for customers to remove all report viewers from their reports. Many customers duplicate surveys to reuse previous reports, and in doing so they duplicate all assigned report viewers. We know that customers often need to change who should receive these reports so we have introduced an easy way for Admins to bulk remove them instead. Learn more

9 Oct 2023 - Improvements to the survey report filters in the Engagement product

Users will notice a sleeker, more intuitive experience when using report filters. These new filters are also accessibility friendly and have a consistent look-and-feel with the rest of our products. Learn more

15 September 2023 - Improved load times for All Reports / All Surveys pages

Users will now experience faster loading periods when opening the All Surveys or All Reports pages.

31 Aug 2023 - Enhanced Comment Analysis (Improved Topic Model)

Engagement comments have a new classification model for enhanced analysis of comments. With the new model we’ve improved the accuracy by 25%, so it makes fewer mistakes. We’ve also expanded the Topic classification to include 10 more topics (going form 18 to 28). Learn more.

31 Aug 2023 - Automated Performance Rating filters in Engagement Admin Reports

We have connected performance ratings to Engagement and Lifecycle admin reports! It is now possible to add these scores as reporting filters, to understand the engagement across different performing groups, helping retain talent. Learn more.

28 August 2023 - Update to sharing experience on Performance Review Cycles

We have made some changes to the sharing experience for administrators within a performance review cycle. There will no longer be a 'sharing' tab, and this has been replaced by 'sharing settings' on both the Manager Review and Peer & Upward feedback tabs. Both of these tabs will now have individual or bulk sharing options available, based on whether the sharing permissions are disabled/enabled. Learn more.

25 August 2023 - Optional authenticated capture for surveys

We have introduced Authenticated Capture for surveys. When enabled, survey recipients must authenticate before accessing survey links, ensuring that only authorized individuals respond. This is an optional feature and can be enabled by contacting Product Support. Learn more

23 August 2023 - Outlook rendering improvements on report sharing emails

Changes have been made to how report sharing communications emails are rendered in Outlook. Outlook users will experience better rendered communications that will also include the latest Culture Amp branding.

25 August 2023 - Improvements to the collaboration comments experience

We have made improvements to collaborator comments, by enabling rich text editing to allow for better and more in-depth formatting. Learn more.

25 July 2023 - Benchmarks Mid-Year Update

Latest benchmark updates (for the period 1st July 2022 - 30th June 2023) are now available. Learn More

21 July 2023 - Unreleased survey results no longer visible in Trend Chart

We've updated the Trend Chart to hide any surveys that haven't been released yet. In historical survey reports, the trend charts will only display results up to the current date. Learn more.

4 July 2023 - Leader-Based Reporting Enhancement

Manager name changes are now consistently updated in the leader-based report sharing and reporting experience. Learn more

2 Jun 2023 - Fix for Outlook email templates in survey communications

All emails sent out via survey communications will now match the preview seen during the survey configuration. Learn more

21 Jun 2023 - Alternative Frequency Scale for Rating Questions

We’ve introduced a new alternative frequency scale for rating questions. Admins can now use this scale, which will be visible in the survey designer, to participants answering a rating style question and it’s also integrated into survey imports & exports. Learn more

26 Jun 2023 - Uplifts to the Participation report in the Engagement survey report

Users will see a sleeker and clearer Participation report page, with improvements to the UX, accessibility, and copy.

29 June 2023 - Introducing Bulk Upload of Report Viewers for Engagement Survey Reports!

We are excited to announce the new Report viewer bulk upload feature! You can now upload one spreadsheet to add as many employees as report viewers to reports as you’d like in one go - helping to streamline your report sharing workflow. Learn more

27 June 2023 - Updates to Account Demographics, Survey Designer, and Participant pages within Survey Configuration

We have updated several components on pages within the Survey Configuration to make these pages more usable and accessible for Admins. These changes include updated icons, fonts, warning notifications, checkboxes, buttons, and collapsible sections. Learn more

6 March 2023 - Group-level driver analysis and focus recommendations update for Engagement Surveys

In survey reports, users can now view a group (using any combination of demographic or leader filters) to see tailored impact and recommendations across an organization, instead of always seeing the company overall. Groups need to be over 25 people to calculate group-level Driver Analysis.

When it comes to taking action, leaders and managers can now see the impact for their groups and choose specific actions that stand out for them. Learn more

6 Mar 2023 - Get more tailored recommendations for departments and teams across an organization

We’ve made improvements to the way we calculate Impact and Focus. Now, when Survey Reports are filtered down to any group/demographic ( >25 responses), users can view impact and recommended focus areas relevant to that specific group. This helps HR, Leaders, and Managers understand what's important to unique groups and create more targeted action plans. Learn more.

29 Jan 2023 - 2023 Benchmarks are now available

Administrators can now make use of almost 3,000 benchmarks with data from surveys conducted between 1 January 2022 and 31 December 2022. Learn more

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