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Administration & Integrations Product Updates 2023

A running list of Administration & Integrations Product Updates through 2023

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A running list of Administration & Integrations Product Updates through 2023

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6 Dec 2023 - The Culture Amp API is now live

Customers can now access a new RESTful API which enables one-way outbound data retrieval for data listed on our API Developer Portal. Learn more.

30 Nov 2023 - Comprehensive (Compensation Planning) Integration is now available

CA’s Performance Module is now integrated with Comprehensive’s Compensation Planning platform. Using this integration, Performance customers can bring their performance data into compensation reviews run with Comprehensive to make more informed compensation decisions for their employees and ditch cumbersome spreadsheet planning. Learn more.

21 Nov 2023 - Multiple Single Sign On is now live for Culture Amp Training

We now have a new authentication method that combines multiple sign in sources, allowing EU customers to use their platform credentials with The duplicate domain is now retired. Learn more

3 Oct 2023 - Seamless sign-in experience - Direct EU users to the EU sign-in portal

The new sign-in experience will detect when an EU portal user is attempting to sign in via the US portal and redirect them to the EU portal to sign in. Learn more

23 Aug 2023 - API Developer portal

Developers can now access publicly available documentation on CA’s public (gated) APIs via our Developer Portal. This includes important how-to information on making calls, understanding responses, details on rate limits & pagination, authorization, and more. Learn more

28 July 2023 - Users email & login details are now remembered

Users can now have their email addresses remembered when using the log-in portal. The email will be saved and stored for their next session, but users can still opt to sign in with a different email address if needed. Learn more

28 Jun 2023 - Ability to remove Company Logo and updates to UI of Account Settings

It is now possible to remove a Company Logo after it has been set. Admins will also see changes to the Account Settings for a more consistent experience. Learn more

16 Jun 2023 - Observer role deprecated

As we consolidate and simplify roles, we have decided to deprecate the observer role. From mid-June 2023 it will no longer be possible to assign or revoke Observers.

1 Jun 2023 - Centralised roles and permissions management

Account admins can now easily manage all user roles and permissions from a single page in their Admin Settings

1 Jun 2023 - Streamlined Sign-in Experience

After entering their email address, users will now only be shown the sign-in methods active on the account. For instance, accounts with only password login won’t see Google or SSO. Learn more

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