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How to schedule additional reminder emails for your survey

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TIP: This article does not apply to Onboard/Exit surveys. See Launch an Onboard/Exit survey.

When an attributed survey has launched, the system automatically sends reminder emails to people who are yet to submit their survey. The email text used in the Subject, Message, and Footer of the reminders can be edited using the Communications page. The colors, layout and formatting of the emails cannot be changed. You can control the logo used throughout your account, but not the size or location of the logo within the emails. The email comes from - please ensure that you ask your IT team to add Culture Amp to your allow lists so that the emails are not treated as spam.

First and final reminders

The date and time for the reminder emails can be configured on the Launch Plan page, once the Survey Invite section has been scheduled.

The date and time for the reminder emails can be changed at any time, and the text used in the emails can be changed at any time.

The first or final reminder email can be skipped if it's not required. 

NOTE: Preview the reminder email text before sending reminders to ensure that it is correct. Remember to enter a communicated closure date for the survey, as this will be displayed in the survey email.

Scheduling reminder emails for future send

  1. Click the Edit survey button for a specific survey on your Surveys page
  2. Click the Launch Plan tab
  3. In both the First Reminder and Final Reminder section (if using), select a date using the calendar pop-up
  4. Adjust the time for the email to be sent, if required
  5. Click Schedule Survey


Additional reminders

After sending your first or final reminders, you are able to send additional reminders by using the “Resend” function on the Launch Plan page.

Using this function will send whatever text is configured in the First or Final Reminder Communication to those that have not completed the survey.


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