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Take Action with the Action Framework

How to take action with the action framework

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How to take action with the action framework

Who is this guide for?

Account Admins, Report Owners

Note: The Action Framework is currently available for Engagement, Manager, Team, and Individual Effectiveness surveys only, and not yet available for Onboard/Exit surveys

The Action Framework is a set of tools to help managers act on employee feedback. Managers will be more confident, efficient and successful in taking action because they can now easily:

  • Identify impactful focus areas in response to employee feedback

  • Decide on action to take with inspiration from other customers and our community who have addressed similar challenges

  • Drive effective action with their team without relying on HR or upper management

  • Get feedback on their actions from their team

When acting on employee feedback, we recommend following the path described by our People Scientists on how to generate ideas for action.

Selecting a Focus

Once you have shared reports with managers, they can review the results and, if available, use the Focus Agent to easily identify areas that have the most potential for positive impact.

Managers can flag those areas for action within the Culture Amp platform, allowing them to track the key questions for focus, as well as create actions to address these questions.

To select a question for focus:

  1. Go to the Questions report

  2. Click the empty focus flag next to the question. You can always remove this question as a focus by clicking again on the selected focus flag.


Note: It is currently only possible to take action from a Rating, or Select type Question

Creating an Action

After selecting a focus area, managers can review the Inspiration Engine to see what actions other companies have taken to address similar topics. The Inspiration Engine can be customized to support your company culture.

Managers can use these inspirations as the foundation for actions to take with their teams. Or, if a team already has an idea for a great action, the manager can add it as a new action and provide details on what the team will do.

To Select an Action

  1. Click on Create Action button from within the survey's reports, or use the Action Plans option at the top of the page and select the survey. On the Action Plan page, you will see the questions you selected for focus, click Create Action button

  2. Select an action from list of inspirations or enter your own

  3. When you click next, you can edit/customize your action if needed. Once completed, click Finish

When creating an action you also add an optional due date. This date will appear on the action so that you can easily see which actions are in progress, overdue and complete. Three days before the due date you will receive an email or slack notification letting you know that your action due date is approaching. From there, you can either mark the action as complete, request feedback or push back the due date.

To Complete an Action

When you have completed an action, click the Complete Action button to mark it as complete. You'll get an option to ask your team for feedback on this action.

To edit, delete or undo-complete for an existing action

  1. Go to Action Card, click on menu (three dots on top right corner of the card)

  2. Click Edit, Delete or Undo Complete

  3. Follow steps on screen

Measuring an Action

Once you had your action completed, think about checking in with your team. Click on Get Team Feedback to send a short survey to your team and measure effectiveness of the action.

You can only send this request for feedback for an action once.

When you click on Ask for Feedback then Send Questions, you will get a message confirming the number of people who will receive the survey. Click on Send Survey Now to go ahead.

Your team will receive an email with a link to a two-question survey.

Team Feedback participants are based on the employee data file at the time of clicking Send Survey Now. All individuals assigned the demographic value for which your shared report is based on (for example, Team: Finance) will be sent the two-question survey.
Leader Based shared report Team Feedback surveys will only be sent to direct reports and not the full reporting line in all instances. In the case of Full Reporting Line Leader Based reports, only direct reports who have direct reports themselves (direct reports who are managers) will be included.
The Team Feedback Survey will only be sent to users with an email address assigned to their profile. We cannot send this type of survey to users with only Employee ID's.

As your team fills the survey, results will be displayed on the Action card:



Is it possible to customize the take action questions in the "Ask for feedback" section?

Currently, the questions in the Take Action > Ask for feedback survey cannot be customized.

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